To reflect on my final year I feel it has been a very successful one. I have definitely exceeded my expectations and gone over the requirements to assure my work is of the highest quality possible.

Final Major Project

When choosing my subject for my Final Major Project I wanted to be something I was passionate about and something that interested me, without that I felt I wouldn’t have the same desire to create something I was really proud of. I decided at this point to choose ballet as a basic theme for my project as its something I done for 11 years of my life and still interests me now. Using a subject that interested so much has really helped me through this project and has made a lot of the work quite easy on me as its something I like to do. Before this project I felt my sketchbook skill were reasonably good already and taking these skill forward to my third year ive tried to excel on them.

My collection has been my driving passion throughout a lot of this project as I wanted to create something I really proud of and wanted people to see my work through my eyes when seeing my collection on the catwalk. Along the way I have changed quite a few details from my original line, I feel this has only helped to improve my collection and has shown that I can adapt to new challenges.

Present and Promote

During these projects within Present and Promote I have found some of them quite hard to connect with as at times ive felt they had little purpose. This hasn’t stopped me when its come to creating something worthy of similar quality to the rest of my final work.

Fashion East is one project within Present and promote I have Really enjoyed at the beginning of the project I was a bit lost when find one are to concentrate on take forward from the fashion east brand and company but after using my skills in more commercial work I found I real liking to working on SWOT analysis, brand research and company marketing strategies. This project allowed me to have some very successful work that was very well suited to my portfolio as this is the area of fashion I would like to go into once leaving university Im glad this project was an aspect of my final years work.

Creative Pattern cutting I would have to say has been my least favorite project throughout this last year as Its essentially project to create work for our portfolio and seen as design isn’t the area I wish to continue with when I leave I’ve felt it harder to like this project and feeling its worth. Having said that I’ve tried extremely hard to make it fit in well with my other work and found its place within my portfolio. The beginning of this project was surprisingly helpful into the end as the modelling on the stand help my achieve my developed pattern for my Buckram top in my collection.




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