Irish born animator and illustrator who currently owns his own business and has worked on lots of films in Dublin. 

After leaving school his passion was to work on comic magazines but decided his only way to get there was to study something more commercial like graphic design. 

He graduated and moved to London to start his career where he became a runner for a small company where he stayed for a year while doing graphic design and illustration work on the side. 

At this stage in his career he decided graphic design was no longer for him and he passions lied more in motion graphics and animation. 

This change in detections led to him going back to education and was accept for his place at RCA Royal Collage Of Art.

After graduating for the second time he started his job at the animation company Nexus. He loved a lot about this coming because they always encouraged every individual animator to stick to their own style and to never change and be like everyone else. 

He went on to create many successful pieces of animation, his most successful at the time being a short animation advert for Coka Cola, of puppets printing well being and happiness. This gave his name a huge amount and success and the animation set and advert plays out every day at the Coka Cola museum in Atlanta. 

Last year his work took his home of Dublin where he was asked by the Dublin council to do an animation video on design. He created a very moving and heart felt video with the help of a fellow animator centred around and small family and seeing the big world through their eyes in a creative way. 


One of his most successful and proud of pieces of work was when big food restaurant company Chipotle contacted them. They were requesting their first ever Tv advert, where they wanted him to create something that tackles the many issue they do within their company on a daily basis. 

The advert was focused on the struggle that farmers go through for us to get our food in a restaurant. The advert was time consuming and created by a big team of people to bring together a heart felt advert that reached all of us at home on a certain emotional level. 

The advert went on to be used as the main advert in the intermission of the Grammys where Coldplay snag the song used on the advert live. The audiences was very moved and led to a huge amount of awareness on the issues brought up. 


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