I used the suggested fabric shopping list supplied by the university as a guide for buying my fabric in London. My first stop was brick lane for my leather,  I knew this would be one of hardest fabrics to find as I wanted a very specific color of nude dyed leather.The first leather shop I entered had a good range of dyed hides at reasonable prices but not the correct colors for me but luckily he suggested going to another fabrics store located just down the road.

The second leather store (Syra Leatherwear Leather Merchants of suede and sheepskin garments and hides) had just what I needed where I managed to buy two hides for £20.

I then went on to a number of stores searching for the best quality and correct colors for my selection of fabrics.

Orya Textiles

A-Z Fabrics      53 Goldhawk Road W12

Classic Textiles  44 Goldhawk Road W12

Fabric World    49c Goldhawk Rd.W12

Textile Village  112 Goldhawk Road W12

Shepherd’s Bush Market Uxbridge Road W12


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