When choosing the fabric I was going to use I had a god idea of what I was looking for and what I thought would look nice for my collection. when starting of this process I knew I definitely wanted to use buckram, chiffon, netting and leather. I wanted his to give a mixture of sheer and structural bolder fabrics as this layered look of texture I feel will work well together. After talking with tutors and analysing each outfit of my final line up I decided to add organdi, satin and tulle. These changes were down to creating more texture and using some fabric such as organdi which are more practical for the fashion show. This doesn’t mean ive droped my other chosen fabrics it just mean that some fabrics with accents to others rather then a key fabric.

After choosing which fabrics I was going to use I then had to figure out what my finishing’s were going to be. I wanted the outfit to have some traditional aspects from ballet costume, so when deciding on finishing I wanted to stay true to this by choosing ribbons, loops and eyelets to fasten and satin bands, bow and binding for design features.

Fabric list:

Black Satin- 2 metres

Black Chiffon- 6 metres

Nude Chiffon- 6 metres

Black Organdi- 4.5 metres

Nude Leather- 2 hides

Tulle-6 metres

Thick Netting- 4 metres

Thing Netting- 6 metres

Black Thread-1

Nude thread- 1

Nude Satin Binding- ?

Black Satin Binding-?

Nude Ribbons-?

Black Ribbons-?



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