Year 3 Dissertation

Essay Title: The ugly face of fashion: The ugly face of fashion: Exploitation, Pressure and breakdowns.



Talking about the fashion industry as a whole and how it positively effects people lives but then change focus to the downsides of fashion and the three main points that in going to talk about.


  • The pressure on model in the fashion industry and exploitation of underage models.
  • How the industry portray models to look and its effect of younger girls who look up to them as role mode and there cause for eating disorders and mental illness.
  • The effect on the designers themselves and how their career can cause there downfall.


To Finished I will write of summery of each section and overall and how these areas are not somewhat changing and how we can encourage them to change.


The pressure on models to be thin—and the resultant pressure on girls, boys, women and men to conform to an unattainable ideal—is immense.

By Libby Rodenbough / In These Times

April 13, 2011


The dark side of fashion: pressure, drugs and suicide





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