Today’s Industry Friday was by Jonathan Barnbrook one of the worlds most famous graphic designers originating from Luton himself where he gained his education at Barnfield collage.Over the span of his career hes gained a great client list from Rolling Stones to David Bowie.

David Bowie

  • Had a very direct working relationship with him unlike some other famous clients.
  • worked on his last album with him, black star before before his death.
  • worked extremely had on this album with him to create the perfect look.
  • Produced CD, booklet, vinyl record, billboards, posters and promotional video.
  • All typography is black on black.

Banksy’s Dismaland

  • Worked with Noel on Dismaland.
  • To produce hostile architecture.
  • Low budget project with aim of creating great impact.
  • He produced an all black bus there.
  • Based on enclosure and control.

Disobedient objects exhibition

  • V&A exhibtion.
  • To show objects roles in protest.
  • Context about how much were watched and controlled by media and the government.

Art Basel

  • Hong Kong.
  • Basel.
  • Miami.
  • Ethical policy’s.
  • They worked with the whole production to create the text, booklets, posters, signs, card and advertisements for all areas of the exhibition.


  • To be a graphic designer you have to have interest or passion for typefaces and creating them.
  • An expression of language.
  • Used to be a profession for older more experienced people.
  • Always make sure you learn a lot and know the history.



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