Todays industry Friday was from a very creative and well known animator Joseph Wallace. Joseph has a lot of work under his belt and has worked with many famous artists and theatre to creative amazing pieces of animation art. He is highly influenced from foreign arts, books and theatre and uses surrealist animation throughout his work. Throughout his career he always stuck to believing in his own judgement and always try to understand when things are bad for you and what the reasons for not liking it are. We are all very familiar with the theatre production of war horse and the amazing effect and theatre production that has gone into making it so different and individual. Joseph was lucky enough to work the the next film by the creator of war horse John Frame.

Josephs main interests lie in theatre and film production and directing but recently worked on project with children theatres and teaching them how to make a show and whats goes into directing. He then went onto working with the BBC performing arts fellow collaborating with theatre rites in the bristol festival of puppetry, where he created a series of film programmes for the 2015 edition.

Films under his direction:

Curious and curiouser

Doctors Tale

Nature Disaster

La Forest Sauvage

La Vue


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