I’ve moved the pattern on from its initial stage from a simple bustier shape to a move complex developed shape from on the stand.  I wanted to created a winded angle on the top of the bustier and this took a couple some experimentation to get the correct shape but i managed to achieve this exact look. I then elongated the original shape and created the side panels from on the stand.

12200450_10207590468817405_348222238_n 12200451_10207590468337393_1319437541_n 12200708_10207590468217390_153667533_n 12202003_10207590468057386_620012454_n 12202025_10207590468097387_216337934_n 12202297_10207590468137388_1685220199_n 12212418_10207590467937383_2067326063_n 12202411_10207590466697352_907838394_n 12204725_10207590468497397_2010545821_n 12204506_10207590466857356_422815067_n


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