Noel Douglas came to talk to us today about his work with the industry and where his work and role in society can effect all of us and how we can make a difference and follow in his footsteps.

“Capitalism is all around us and effects us everyday”

We use the media to get our message out there and our voices heard. Media is such a perfect platform for this as we all use it day in and day out and as we know from social media these days thing can go viral in almost seconds and there’s no better way to use media for your own purposes.

Jonhannes gees Hellomr president was a protest in 2001 he uses projection as an art form and project influential and thought provoking messages from the public onto famous mountains to gain coverage and awareness.

ztohven media reality

“why do we believe it and listen to watch were told to listen to.

Culture Jamming

When BP split a huge amount of oil just of the gulf of Mexico, people almost dismissed it in the news as it wasn’t hot topic at the time or broadcast as much as it should have been, but hacktivists and people within the controversial movement of creatives decided to deface the BP logo. The identification of a brand is so vital to a company and can ruin its reputation when change or altered whether it negative or not. They used this to there advantage and creatively change the BP logos to demonstrate to the catastrophic affects to the public without telling them what to believe but opening their eyes to the issue.

bp_logos_satirized_in_g6jpg.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterbox BP-Logo bp-logo-hack bp-logo-oil-1 bp-logo-skull gal-bp2-jpg images (1)

12200793_10207590467497372_175274446_n 12204660_10207590467417370_392752808_n 12204725_10207590467857381_1463930500_n 12212064_10207590467697377_417748533_n 12212212_10207590467457371_522450203_n 12212493_10207590467377369_1385633407_n


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