Sarah Hydman came to talk to us today about the world of typefaces and to show us how interesting it can be and how we take a lot more notice of them than we think  we do.

She starting by telling us about her own career and where shes been in life so far. She has worked in freelance and went on to own her company for 10 years and became very successful In this. She has always told her self that she wants to a job that she loves and is passionate about as it needs to get her out of bed in morning. Eventually she had worked long enough and made enough money to take a year out from working and went travelling and sore the world and took many inspirations home with her.


” Typefaces they don’t really matter” – John Humphreys Radio 4

Comments such as this anger her shes always on the task to improve and change peoples opinions of typography because its a lot more important and relevant than people assume.

Typography is your voice.

  1. Instinctive Responses – Certain shapes, sizes and styles trigger emigular in our brains and allow us to judge something from this. This is demonstrated on products such as bottled drinks. they was the typeface portrays the type of drink in the bottle.
  2. Learned associations – Knowing a logo by its font no the word. Noticing logos.

3. Learned Knowledge – Knowledge on certain recognizable typefaces. Bauhaus – Designers say it says to them “Architecture” “Movement” “Art” “Modernism”

Gill sans – BBC typeface very English

Helvectica- Used on intellectual forms

12177983_10207543847651905_189373853_n 12179468_10207543847411899_1002455912_n 12179500_10207543847531902_645631584_n 12179986_10207543848011914_433568430_n 12188485_10207543847611904_796326716_n 12188523_10207543847971913_1463536006_n


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