I have continued with my skirt pattern on the stand but decided this wasnt working as well as i had thought even though it was good for creating structure I found that it would be better as a flat pattern due to the mathmatical scale of the pannels. I then deided to start with two of my bustier designs as they are perfect for modelling on the stand and creating the perfect shape to fit the figure.

804630_10207515285617872_2128253687_n 804724_10207515285337865_592273576_n 12166304_10207515282977806_570682677_n 12170590_10207515282537795_1413436247_n 12177856_10207515284897854_1244614558_n 12177884_10207515285057858_71575388_n 12177938_10207515285257863_2069070436_n 12178178_10207515285657873_1285011402_n 12179239_10207515285377866_183659035_n 12179260_10207515284337840_834954889_n 12179260_10207515284417842_308539271_n 12179406_10207515286017882_277644489_n 12179480_10207515284937855_1850835207_n 12180143_10207515285417867_1516108573_n 12181881_10207515282737800_1370104603_n 12181946_10207515282937805_1891256571_n 12181946_10207515285577871_924998271_n


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