Quinton and Chadwick is a high end designer knitwear company, established 15 years ago by designers Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick. Their company motto and motives are to create knitwear to to love, keep and cherish.

They are a knitwear company that create womens wear, childrens wear and menswear from season to season. They pride them selves on the production of the garments and products only being British made from their British factories. They feel this sets them apart from similar brand on the market as this makes them individual and identify’s them. They try to demonstrate this in all the work by writing Designed in Britain, Made in Britain, Worn worldwide. As a company they also believe in conscious consumption and try to source the cotton from from healthy pesticide free farms in Australia. They believe their customer is aware of this and looks for this comfort in their company.

Q+C are not a retail shop they are a wholesale company who buy into stores and currently have their garments and collections stocked in over 130 stores such as Fenwick & Liberty’s.

They also sell of shore in export sales, Japan is their biggest consumer of this selling to large conglomerates such as Baycrews,United Arrows, Tomorrowland, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and USA.

This type of business suits them very well and brings in a lot of profit but a downside is they don’t get to see, meet or understand their customer so in more recent years they attend trade fairs. This way they are still selling but also meeting their types of customers first hand and understand their needs and what they are looking for next.

A year at Quinton + Chadwick

  1. Research and development : Looking back at past collection is a big part of brand development.
  2. Research/Inspiration : Taking photos, gallery visits, collection review- sales figures from last year.
  3. Research in colour proportions : Mood boards, inspiration boards. 5 colour stories per season.
  4. Colour Pallets and yarn selection and swatching.
  5. Range planning with colour boards.
  6. Design process : Back to basics illustrator for factory specs only.
  7. Production of swatches : Trying different colour co-ordinations swatches to achieve the final result.
  8. Details : adding attention to detail and finishing’s to make the product high end designer worthy.
  9. To the factory.
  10. Two menswear trade shows.
  11. Women’s trade shows : Premier Classe – Paris.
  12. Production : Pick and pack.
  13. Brand Exposure : Photo shoots, Press photos and promotions.
  14. Collaboration and design projects.
  15. Scarf commission : V+A Museum shop, Tate gallery shop and anthropology.
  16. Applying for small competitions+ Awards : UKFE small business export awards.
  17. Social media : Creating exposure.
  18. Celebrity endorsements.
  19. Liberty Christmas.

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