Today we had a talk from Ciment pleating from Pottersbar. tThey are very well known and high end pleating company and factory.

They came to show us a range of pleating designs even some so complex you wouldn’t think they were possible to create as a pleat. He also showed us a range of their molds and how they create them and use them.

He talked about the type of high end designers they pleat for and how extensive there orders can be. one particular example he talked about was an order they pleated out of shower curtains for Hussein Chalayan. Which went of to be one of Lady gaga most famous dresses.


12165748_10207476676172660_936872408_n 12165867_10207476676492668_460181798_n 12166227_10207476676452667_1093874356_n 12166256_10207476676332664_453767585_n  e8724900a6cf0a31481231c340737fcf12167618_10207476675412641_1766944893_n


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