Today I have been starting my initial research for my Fmp. I have some very clear and concise ideas in my head all ready  and have some what developed them so far with out putting them down on paper of showing them creatively in a sketchbook. As my chosen idea I wanted to look into ballet as I did it for s many years when I was younger and is still a huge passion and interest of mine so I thought this was a great starting point for my ideas. I also have been thinking about  fabrics and what I would like to work with and think would be appropriate for my FMP. Possibly also ones I maybe haven’t used before but can experiment with. This fitted very well into my initial idea of ballet as materials used in ballet dresses and costumes as well and shoes are in the same area of fabric I would like to use and take forward into my designs.

ballet-dancer ballet_adultos_principal fmp images 1


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