Today was our first lecture on our key ideas brief of current debates. This lecture was on generating ideas and how is as individuals and creatives find inspiration and develop our creative thought journey.

Summery/ overview of brief

Choose a subject that interests you in your chosen discipline. The idea should concise and self determined.

Useful bullet points

– Debates in practice

– create a context where you can place your emerging work

– Links to major project

– Critical and contextual rationale

– History, research, studio project, visual culture = idea generation = thinking practitioner

Influential video by DJ Spokey in America

Key words

Sounds, avante grade, same style, college, time, visual culture, technology, enquiry, icons, conflict and temporal practice.

Example of work and possible areas of research –

Max Hattler

animator for royal colleg of arts and major works for the green piece project.

He work creates and impacts on people as he pin points current debates and things going on around a the world.

Linda sterling

College artist who started in the 1970s

She uses impactful images and changes them by using big cut outs from magazines.

Quote from her – the world is unstuck and just like a collage it needs to be stuck back down.

Jan middenpop

Former teacher and now a mature student

Creates his own type face using contrasts and trends to suit your media and heat your trying to create.

An example of looking at visual culture and groups

Fashion culture – The Dandy

Using style to rebel against conforming and dealing with boredom.

One word can personify you and describe your lifestyle choice.


Tokyo fibre exhibition 2009

Light transformation using air and fabric.

Nendo means seamless lanterns



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